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Loving Annabelle LJ Community
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dasolution [userpic]

Title: Losing Annabelle
Fandom: Loving Annabelle
Pairing: Annabelle/Simone
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from Loving Annabelle
Based on the alternative ending.  Simone comes out of prison and finds Annabelle once again.

The Verdict Is...Collapse )


a few prawns short of a galaxy [userpic]

A friend of mine knows how much I've coveted this painting:


So he made me this for my birthday:


It's the first present I've opened today, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be my favorite :)

This community seems pretty dead, but I thought I would post here anyway asking a question.

I've seen the movie and don't really remember this scene occurring:

was this part of a deleted scene?

moondancing_chic [userpic]

+30 Icons (10 animated)
+1 love bar
+2 headers

From the movie 'Loving Annabelle' featuring Erin Kelly & Diane Gaidry.


Silent bride Make you nervous Together

& 3 larger graphics - 1 love bar (previewed below) & 2 variations of same header.


Please note: full size image is beneath the cut!

NO HOTLINKING - please right-click & save any required images to your own hard drives. Comment to let me know what you're taking, and credit to rainbowgraphics is essential if using. This post will only be open to the public for a short time, so please join the community here if you like what you see & would like to see all the rest of my graphics. Many thanks, & enjoy!

This way to the rest of the graphics!

frankie [userpic]

Title: What You Want

Author: cyandragonfly

Fandom: Loving Annabelle

Rating: G or K depending on where you come from.

Disclaimer: The only thing I own is my artwork and the order the words come in.

Distribution: P&P, lovingannabelle, femme_fic

Summary: must read instructions before reading. This is a tiny thing about Simone thinking, after she's warmed up to the idea of loving Annabelle (hardy ha) a bit.

Spoilers: Watch the movie.


INSTRUCTIONS: Okay, so, me and my brain decided to go experimenting with fic writing yesterday. And I finally mannaged to finish this. So, to begin with, the writing style is something I haven't used before and asside from that, I've made it so that a picture of mine is part of the actual fic. So, bare with me. (I think the instructions are longer than the fic...)

1 - Right click on the link and open in new tab or window so that it's loaded by the time you need to look at the pic (but make sure you don't look at it first!)

2 - Read the start of the fic that you'll find under the cut below

3 - Look at the picture

I hope that's not too big an ask of you guys. And I hope you enjoy.




What You WantCollapse )

emily. [userpic]

hey everybody, I just saw loving annabelle for the first time yesterday and I wanted to buy it right after I saw it. it struck a cord in me and I was able to empathize with annabelle so much because I too fell in love with a teacher (she was georgeous and the most genuine person I've every met). I was just curious as to how many people in this group also fell in love with a teacher; I'd like to hear your story.

and if anybody wants to, I'll share mine as well if people want to hear it; it's only fair if I'm asking others to do this :)


I figured I would just type my story here because it'd just be easier. This is an extremely summed up version.

I was a sophomore in high school and I was taking a french class. I saw my teacher and was blown away by her; she was stunning, smart, and strong. I slowly rose to be her favorite student and we had inside jokes. everytime I thought about her or saw her I got this feeling inside myself and in my heart that was like a rushing sensation. all I wanted to do is talk to her and be around her constantly. at this point I started really thinking about if I was a lesbian because this is nothing I ever experienced; I had never had an interest in boys but never thought about being with a woman . after being extremely conflicted all year and having a growing friendship with my teacher, she was laid off at the end of the year. it was one of the worst feelings I have ever felt in my life. i cried and became more depressed than I already was. she called me later asking if I wanted to babysit her kids, so of course I took that opportunity to go see her and be in her environment. I did that a couple times and every time it killed me because I knew nothing would ever happen. I was very, very conflicted about my sexuality for a few years to come, but finally figured out. this experience helped me realize I was gay and I'm happy I experienced it now, even though it was hell while it was happening. I thought about telling her but haven't. I don't know if it'd be right to do so; it could mess her up or something and that's the last thing I want to do. it was very hard to get over my love for her (a figured out that that feeling I got is how my love feels) but I'm in a place now where I don't think of it or her everyday but since I've watched loving annabelle, my mind keeps wandering back to her.

and the worst thing is that she lives in my neighborhood! how crazy is that?

a few prawns short of a galaxy [userpic]

Any idea what happened to erin-kelly.net? I was just there a couple of days ago, but now I can't access it.

a few prawns short of a galaxy [userpic]

Hi all! I just saw Loving Annabelle for the first time last night and fell deeply in love with it. It's not a perfect film, but I have never been so viscerally affected by a movie. My stomach gets all squirmy and I get giddy just thinking about certain scenes, and I've never felt anything like that after seeing a movie. I was so impressed by Katherine Brooks's courage in portraying the relationship as a love story. That took serious guts in the world we live in today.

Nice to meet you all!

Icons for loving annabelle like my new favourite film haha

teasers: Photobucket Photobucket

_Tribades_ [userpic]

Θ 6 icons Ellen Page 
Θ 3 icons Loving Annabelle
Θ 9 icons Kristen Stewart
Θ 4 icons Selma Blair 
Θ 28 Dark icons
Θ 12 icons Buffy
Θ 6 icons Mischa Barton
Θ 6 icons Olivia Wilde
Θ 7 icons Buffy

  24.gif image by _tribades_ 21.gif image by _tribades_ 68.jpg image by _tribades_

...A high school confidential... )

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