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Loving Annabelle LJ Community
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Upcoming Screenings
Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Lavendar Film Festival
Sept. 15 - 17, 2006

19th Annual Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
September 29 - October 07, 2006

Tampa Int'l G&L Film Festival
Oct. 5 - 15, 2006

Image Out
October 6-15, 2006

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Oct. 13 - 23

Hamburg Int. L&G film festival
October 17 - 22

Pittsburgh International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Oct. 20 - 29

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Lore [userpic]

women_lovers women_lovers women_lovers

| A LJ Community dedicated to Lesbians in Movies and TV Series. |

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individual_68 [userpic]

So I don't normally pimp things unless I really believe in them, and think they are truely awesome, and this is one of those times.

I know I have a lot of femslash fans on my flist, so go and have a look at this:

femslash_land femslash_land femslash_land

For those who are members of landcomms already and are sick of having to write het/ambiguous fic in order to win challenges, we need no longer conform! (lol)

And for those of you who aren't on any landcomms, this is a team challenge community where individuals compete in graphics and fic challenges, as well as do fun games and puzzles, to earn points for their team. It's a great place to meet new people, as well as participate in things you wouldn't normally do (I hated graphics, but have learnt I'm not half bad at them)

This landcomm is for all femslash tv and movie pairings, so come along, apply and join in the fun!

so go and apply here

Lore [userpic]

*NEW* FanArts - Loving Annabelle

50 Icons
>> 19 Diane Gaidry
>> 04 Erin Kelly
>> 27 Annabelle/Simone

04 Animated Banner [>> 17 more over HERE]

04 Wallpaper
>> 02 Diane Gaidry
>> 02 Annabelle/Simone

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HERE @ lore_85

Lore [userpic]

*NEW* Animation - Loving Annabelle


HERE @ lore_85

icy1486 [userpic]

HERE @ icy1486 

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Lore [userpic]


HERE @ lore_85

Lauren ☮ ßutterflygirl [userpic]

...and to say I love this movie would be a massive understatement. It honestly means more to me than I could ever put into words, I have a Simone...in a way...& she is one of the most important people in my life. In fact, she saved it. I'll try if ya'll really want me to, but my question is actually about lost scenes. I own the DVD (of course), & have seen the deleted scenes & alternate endings (which I think completely made the movie 200 times better). But as I'm watching fan videos on YouTube I'm seeing pictures & scenes are are not included in the above mentioned. Where can I see these? What am I missing?

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Fake Shemp [userpic]

  more this way :) ...

a few prawns short of a galaxy [userpic]

What happened to erin-kelly.net? It was such a great resource.

Please don't hurt me... because I know some people who would FLIP if I brought this up in their presence...

But I've watched Loving Annabelle I don't know how many times... and each time I see it, I think, "Man, this is a killer soundtrack... where can I get my paws this magical creation?"
Well, I've recently discovered that the CD has been released (or so I've seen on iTunes) and it turns out that someone put the album up on MySpace, so I've been listening to it (on repeat) from there.

(So, here's where you take in consideration of not hurting me...) I was wondering if anyone here has it... aaaaand if it's possible, to e-mail it to me (or even a link on where I can download it).  Believe me when I say that I've looked everywhere for this.

M'kay, thanks guys!

P.S. I guess I didn't clarify myself: the actual Loving Annabellle Soundtrack I'm looking for is the official one written by Aurah.  On the soundtrack, it has the songs that are played when Annabelle first comes to the school, Simone's church fantasy scene; it includes the song that Cat's brother plays at the dance (called "Awake Again")...

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